Gordon collaborated on art projects with many of his peers including Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, Carl George, Bradley Eros and Aline Mare of Erotic Psyche, Valerie Caris, Leslie Lowe, Brad Taylor, Edgar Oliver and others. But it was with Kembra Pfahler that Gordon created ground breaking early performance works and a lasting bond. The two young artists presented some of downtown New York’s most interesting and innovative performance art pieces at the newly opened Life Café, 8BC and Danceteria. In 1984 Kembra and Gordon organized The Extremist Show at ABC No Rio in the Lower East Side – an important exhibition of many of New York’s sub-culture artists and groups including P.O.O.L., Samoa and his punk rock band BALLS, The Church of the Little Green Man, The Cinema of Transgression featuring the films of Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch and Richard Kern, Borbetomagus and Red Dog Magazine.