Gordon was an early collaborator on many experimental film works by Carl George, Jack Waters, Bradley Eros, Leslie Lowe and Brad and Brian Taylor. He, like most of his friends, wore many hats from cameraman to set designer to lead actor. Sets often consisted of whatever was found on the street and easily painted, hung or reconfigured. Costumes were assembled from thrift shop racks, flea market finds or abandoned closets. The preferred medium was Super-8 film easily cut and edited on a kitchen table. Screenings were organized through Naked Eye Cinema, the media branch of Allied Productions and took place at The Filmmakers Co-op, Millennium, Anthology Film Archives, ABC No Rio, abandoned lots, alleys and nightclubs. Many of the films including The Lost 40 Days, La Belle Fleur and DHPG Mon Amour by Carl M. George and Nocturnes and The Blond Leading The Blond by Jack Waters now reside in the permanent collections of The New York Public Library, The Library of Congress, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, The Whitney Museum, The Guggenheim Museum and other important collections and archives.
from The Lost 40 Days set of Miss Kitt