Self Portrait as St. Sebastian  

Men on Fence  

Men on Fence #2  


The Manual of Action Cover Page  

The Manual of Action Index Page  

The Extremist Show Collage Kembra Pfahler and Gordon Kurtti

Two Women  

Moses in the Bullrushes  

Performance at Danceteria with Kembra Pfahler and Samoa

The 6 Armed Shiva  

The 6 Armed Shiva #2  

The 6 Armed Shiva #3  

Performance at Life Cafe with Kembra Pfahler

Vagina Heart  


Black Head Green Head  

Green Head Red Body  


Cat with Claws  

Cat with Floating Head  

Portrait of Man  

The Hanged Man  

The Prisoner  

Portrait of Carl George  

Stories Are So Hard To Write  

FoHo Tell Dreams  


The Salt Flats Mining Camp  

The Bankrupt Man  

Dog and Cat